Nowadays, house owners and construction companies are becoming increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of the materials used in a building. If you want a building to be sustainable, durable and environmentally-friendly, you need to take a complex approach to roofing and find an option that will take many factors into consideration. For this reason, cool roofs and green roofs are becoming more and more popular. In addition green roofs go well with vinyl siding. Some siding Calgary companies recommend to use green roofs for houses with vinyl siding.

A Cool Roof Is a Popular Solution in a Hot Climate

What is a cool roof? Basically, it’s any rood of light or cold coloring that uses light-reflective membranes. Given these properties, it reflects sunlight and heat into the atmosphere, allowing the indoor temperature to be lower in the summer months. This leads to the reduced need in air conditioning, and thus the environment gets less harmful emissions. While a cool roof is a great solution in hot and dry climates, it can have certain disadvantages:

  • Cool roofs in Calgary without proper design and insulation can collect condensation and have moist-related problems, like mold. That’s why, they need to be carefully constructed.
  • The reflected light can sometimes damage the nearby buildings.
  • White roofs can look dirty and need cleaning more often.
  • If a home is located in a valley, it can contribute to the formation of heat islands that damage the environment.

Green Roofs as a New Alternative to Traditional Materials

As an alternative to the traditional cool and black roofs, green roofs have been gaining popularity amongst contractors as well. Basically, these are roofs that are covered with soil and living plants. Green roofs with abundant vegetation are a perfect ecological solution. In addition to providing heat protection and helping to maintain a stable indoor temperature in hot climates, they also provide protection against cold weather, hail and rain. A green roof absorbs all the heat, and that helps stabilize the outdoor temperature as well, preventing the “heat islands” from happening. The materials used for green roofs are all ecological, and green roofs have positive environmental impact. The drawbacks of the green roofs may be the following:

  • Green roofs may be expensive to maintain, as they will need irrigation and constant gardening maintenance.
  • Some green roofs can be too heavy for the walls of the house to bear.

Since both types of roofing have their advantages and disadvantages, only a complex estimation of all the factors can lead you to the right solution. Services of design and construction companies will provide you with a solid solution based on all the factors that are important for your building: climate zone, average expected temperatures over the next 100 years, type of house exploitation, insulation options etc.

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