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Phone Number

(714) 502-2269



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Anyone with a USABMX membership can race the series overall prizes have requirements to earn a JACKET. Please read over the rules and if you have questions please ask a track official. RAFFLES at every race anyone signed up has a chance to win prizes that day.


     1. All riders must race a minimum of 70 % of races and the FINAL event to earn a


     2. Riders must have a 3 rider class minimum to make a class for jacket awards.

     3. Points are given to everyone at that race. 20 points for riders that don’t make a

         main check tables for points below.

     4. Awards per AGE group.  Example 6 Novice, Inter and experts one jacket for 6 year


     5. Riders must roll out of the gate to qualify as a raced race. NO GHOST RIDERS

     6. GIRLS CLASSES AND CRUISER will be grouped to make classes if not enough

          riders in classes. Example. We will group all girls together that have the minimum

          amount of races to award a jacket if needed. Cruiser Classes will also be group if

          not enough for classes to make.

     7.  ALL Raffles. You must be present to win.

     8. STRIDERS must have membership to join the races

     9. JACKET AWARDS one per AGE group. Rider with the most points and has raced

         70% of races plus the final can earn a jacket. Must have 3 or more riders in age

         group to form.

     10. You can race one or all races but a minimum of 70% of the races to have a

           chance at a jacket. The series is based on participation.

     11. The series is 16 races that include the final twice a month on off national

           weekend so you can join the fun.

     12. Riders moving up in AGE will get awards for their Age at FINAL EVENT DEC 2016.

     13. Riders tied for points are first broken by higher place finishes then            amount of races raced last by class Expert then inter followed by novice

ORANGE Y BMX has put this series together with all the great sponsors since 2012 and this year it will be better. We will track your points at no extra charge; include you on the website under Manufactures Points chart. Please have FUN. Participation is the key to earning a custom jacket Last year we gave away 10,000.00 dollars in Prizes. This year we hope for the same. No other track spends the time to give you so much product and fun back into BMX. Support the sponsors and have FUN doing it. THANK YOU


NEW for 2016


                 Novice                   Inter                EXPERT /Cruiser /Girls


1st                80                         90                       100

2nd               75                         85                        95

3rd                70                         80                        90

4th                65                         75                        85

5th                60                         70                        80

6th                55                         65                        75

7th                50                         60                        70

8th                45                         55                        65


Plus one point for every rider in class. 20 points plus rider points for not making your main.